I survived -120°C for 3 min! ❄️

Recently I tried cryotherapy with @londoncryo. I used to do it quite often in 2019 (in another place), before the pandemic hit us... Was super excited to try it again finally!

Benefits of cold exposure:

  • ️Reduces muscle sourness and inflammation - I think that's why a lot of professional athletes doing cryo after workouts
  • ️Boosts endorphins - after just a couple of minutes you feel reeeally good, super happy and pumped up!
  • ️Makes immune system stronger
  • ️Skin is better if doing it regularly
  • ️List goes on, just google it...

In reality cryo doesn't feel as cold as it looks like - I find it much easier than cold showers. This is because water has a better thermal conductivity than air, so you don't feel so cold with air insulation.

If you're looking just for the benefits of cold exposure, I think an ice bath is even better choice:

  • ️More affordable - you can order ice cubes from Deliveroo/Uber Eats or prepare them in your fridge
  • ️You can do it at home
  • ️Much colder!

In the meantime check out:

  • @iceman_hof - real ice man, about the benefits of cold exposure and how to do it right
  • @hubermanlab - he has a lot of super interesting insights regarding how cold affects us
  • @davidsinclairphd - explains how cold exposure triggers some of the longevity pathways (as long as fasting and exercise)

Cryo chamber is a super cool social activity - it looks fancy, very instagrammable! It's a lot of fun to go there with friends! 🥳

Would you try this? ☃️

Great pics by @dark4ai! More pics in instagram.